The Bellwood Lab

reef fish evolution and ecology

Programme 1: functional ecology

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Programme 2: evolutionary biology

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Programme 3: biogeography

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Research Locations

Research projects in the Bellwood Lab are conducted in a wide variety of locations in Australia and worldwide:


James Cook University maintains a research station on Orpheus Island, a granitic island on the inner shelf of the Great Barrier Reef. The location of the research station, just 100km from Townsville makes it an ideal location for short term research and collection trips. It's situation also offers a unique ​base to study processes on inner-shelf reefs. Additionally, Orpheus Island Research Station possesses an aquarium system with temperature control rooms allowing researchers to assess the impacts of changing ocean temperatures.



The Australian Museum manages Lizard Island Research Station, on the mid-shelf of the Great Barrier Reef, 270km north of Cairns in Far North Queensland. This research station offers access to a variety of reef habitats and boasts a large aquarium system. The leeward side of the island and large coral reef lagoon are accessible in most weather and tidal conditions. These factors make this research station ideal for longer-term experiments.


international Locations

Biogeographic studies and broad-scale ecological studies require international field trips by members of the Bellwood Lab. Additionally numerous collaborations with international researchers depend on overseas trips. Recent trips and collaborations are highlighted on the map below: